Pearlshare is a content marketing platform for companies who deserve expert-level destination content that’s easy to build and inspirational to consume.

We help companies to create and deliver purposeful content in the correct way.

All your destination content can be created, tracked and adapted from one place.

This includes video content, interactive destination guides, UGC, booking buttons, widgets and events listings.

Add a Pearlshare page to your travel website for smarter content marketing.

  1. Copy and paste website integration
  2. Create engaging content experiences articles, videos, listicles, maps and travel guides
  3. Track content effectiveness and generate email leads

higher conversion rate for brands using effective content marketing

Ad Age, 2017


say surrounding area is a strong deciding factor when booking a hotel

Hopitality Net, 2017


Abandonment rates on travel websites as travellers find research difficult

Milward Brown, 2016

> 40%

of marketers believe content marketing is more effective than social media

e-marketer, 2017

How does Pearlshare fit in?

Creating effective content takes a long time, it dates quickly and it’s hard to measure results. Using the Pearlshare platform changes this.

Copy and paste website integration

Unlock SEO rich content, local information, video, blogs, UGC, tracking pixels, guest preferences

Be local

Interactive guides for apps, websites and print outs

Be current

Promote local events and your property with dynamic information

Be influential

Track, improve, repurpose and scale content to build a loyal audience

Discover... EMAIL DATA

Collect emails and send direct offers pre-booking.
Build loyalty post-stay through targeted offers.
Build affinity post-booking & pre-stay.


Onboard into partner/ 3rd party DMP* for segmented display advertising
Build lookalike audiences.
Cookie match emails and data with display, native and social ad inventory for retargeting and prospecting.
Derive Patterns from data to improve end-to-end guest experiences.

Discover... SEO BENEFITS

Target a wider range of long tail, cost effective keywords with fast and easy to use content marketing tools.

Compete more effectively on broad keywords through rich content, increased engagement & dwell and shareable content.

Easy to integrate fully managed solution to create an engaging, SEO optimised content marketing portal.

Helping clients globally